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If you want pork to roll, there must be around 6:00 p.m.?

schedule for Wednesday's pork rolls, Saturday and max weeks until 17:00

Canang be sold every day?

Right. Every day, here, selling CANANG uborampe Sembahyang. Please arrange a visit. Thank you...

The quality is decreasing ... the skin and lungs have not been recommended like eating zinc ... what do they think I'm debating?

Sorry for the inconvenience. we need to say that the pork skins rolled today are not fatty so they are not crispy. We always give priority to the quality of raw materials, but for jogja at this time it is very difficult to find an ideal pig for bolsters. pigs that are not fatty are good for meat but not good for pork roll. It is different from Bali, which indeed has a special pig for bolsters. while outside Bali, pigs are for cattle to look for. complaints such as Mr. We predict will definitely occur and we welcome it. once again we say that in Jogja we cannot get the ideal pork roll maybe 10 of the pigs we roll 1 or 2 times is definitely the case like this. thanks for your attention

Do you currently receive dine in or eat on site?

Yup, there have been many who dine in

Do you have cold beer? It's really important if you want to enjoy pork ...

No beer available ... But even beer is still delicious ...

today's full moon open?

sorry every Tuesday closes. but if the students have started to enter, if the full moon / tuesday of our day is open from evening to night. bro

Can you ask for more price menu?

pig roll (Wednesday wednesday max at 17:00) pork rice roll 19.5k red rice red flask 20.5k nasi babi guling + tum 21k red rice noodles red + tum 22k rice mixed with 18k pork rice mixed with pig + tum 19.5k red rice 19k red rice rice mixed red lawn + tum 20.5k satay pork / portion 18.5k rice plecing chicken broiler betel 15k nasi plecing chicken betutu kampung 22k If you want to be more complete please send us an email or no. trmksh

What are the menu lists, sis

Betutu kk ada.

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